Vacations are a special time to get away, and camping is one of the most exciting ways of spending that time. Check out the advice given in this article for planning a fun, safe, and memorable camping trip. Your next camping trip will benefit greatly when this advice is put into action.

When camping in the fall, try to dress in layers for your protection. There can often be quick and unexpected weather changes in the great outdoors. It may be chilly one moment and sweltering the next. Late evenings often bring another cold spell. Layers allow you to adjust to the changing weather

Make sure to follow the rules when you are camping in a public area. There are common ethics and rules that you should be aware of before you embark on your journey. Stop playing music if it is past 11pm so you do not disturb any of your fellow campers.

Camping has the potential to be thrilling or hazardous, depending on your level of preparation. Prepare fully before going on a camping trip. If camping at a new location, make sure you investigate the geography, climate, and local wildlife so you are prepared for any dangers.

TIP! Oranges are good things to bring for your camping trip, and not only as a healthy snack option. When you finish eating them, save all of your peels and rub them around your body to use as a natural insect repellent.

Whenever you are camping, be sure to adhere to proper safety protocol. It is usually best to avoid the wild animals, big and small, that you may encounter. Squirrels, raccoons and the like can be quite dangerous, even though they are small. Of course, you shouldn’t feed any bears in the wild.

When you show up to go camping, pitch your tent wherever you can find flat and soft ground. It is important to feel as level as possible to maximize the comfort that you feel. A tarp should be laid on the ground before the tent is set up to keep moisture out.

There are many ways that you can prepare for camping in the wildnerness. Just set your tent up right in your backyard and spend a night outside. Do not let yourself enter the house at all. If you like it, you will probably enjoy camping.

Newspaper can come in handy in many ways when you camp. You can use it to read and pass time, but there are other uses for a newspaper as well. If recent rain has left the local wood supply a bit damp, newspaper can be a fire starting necessity.

TIP! Plan ahead for keeping everyone entertained throughout your trip. There is more to camping than roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

Bring plenty of water, food and other drinks in your supplies. If bears are common where you will be camping, keep your food away from your sleeping area. Garbage should be burned to dispose of any smell of food that may attract a bear to your campsite.

Bring oranges with you since they are great for snacking and repelling insects. Keep the peels when you are finished eating them. Rub the peels on your body and mosquitoes will stay away.

Shower Curtain

Buy a sleeping bag which will suit the weather you will be in. If you use a heavy winter sleeping bag in summer, this can be stifling and uncomfortable. And if you taking a sleeping bag that is light-weight, you are going to freeze. Hypothermia can be experienced, as well.

TIP! It is important for you to bring along a first-aid kit. The first aid kit should be well stocked in case an accident does occur.

A shower curtain that is past its prime is a quick and inexpensive tarp for placement under your tent. You could also use the curtain as a cooking base or any place you need to control run-off. Instead of just sending your shower curtain to the trash, you can save it for another use when you go camping.

First aid kits are critical to any camping trip. This should have all the necessary materials in case someone has an accident. Things like medication, snake precautions, bandages, and other essentials must be in the emergency kit. While camping is generally a safe activity, accidents can occur and it always pays to be prepared.

Remember that you, your possessions and your family members are inevitably going to get dirty. If you prepare yourself for this ahead of time, it won’t stress you out as much when it happens. Enjoy the outdoors and get down and dirty. You can always take a bath back at the house.

When you find your camping spot, put the tent up on top of the patch of ground that is flattest and softest. Choosing a slanted or rocky site will make your stay quite uncomfortable. Always lay a tarp down first to prevent water from entering or damaging the tent.

TIP! Food is one of the most important items to bring while camping. If you are going to be camping for a considerable duration, you need to ensure that you have food than will not go bad.

When it comes to children, don’t hesitate to over-pack. Being out in the wild can result in all sorts of messes. Your kids may love playing around in the grass and dirt. As the day goes on, you may end up with messy, dirty kids. You can’t avoid the dirt, but some extra clothes will help out. The key is being prepared.

Camping can be a lot more enjoyable and easy if you just know what you’re doing, and hopefully you have learned something here. Use the advice here to enjoy your next camping trip even more by taking advantage of the beauty of nature.

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